The LAST single-story!

Lot 79

4318 Terrington Dr.


Ready Sept. '19

About the Builders

DeMill Builders, LLC is a collaboration between Stephen M. Miller and Jeff DeRose. Both are NC General Contractors, and each brings decades of experience and a range of expertise to every project—from custom framing, to large-scale residential developments. In Muirfield Townes, they seek to provide elegantly turn-key townhomes with a floorplan and budget tailored to today's discerning buyers.

Lot 78

4320 Terrington Dr.


Lot 76

4328 Terrington Dr.


Lot 80

4316 Terrington Dr.


Lot 81

4314 Terrington Dr.


Lot 77

4326 Terrington Dr.


Agent & Design Consultant